Legacy Retreat Center is approximately 1 and 1/2 hours from the atlanta airport. Please when booking flights we recommend your arrival flight landing no later than 12pm and your departure flight leaving no earlier than 4pm. We do offer shuttle service that will leave the Atlanta airport at 1pm to bring you to the retreat center and then pick you up on Sunday to take you back to the airport at an additional fee.

The pick-up will be 1pm EST.  Please keep that in mind when booking your airline tickets.  We would suggest a flight that will get you in by 12pm EST or earlier.  The Atlanta airport is huge and that should give you time to get bags if necessary and navigate to the location of the pickup without being rushed.

We suggest that your return flight is 4:00pm or later.  The bus will leave to return you to the airport by 1:00pm EST as well.

The fee for this service is $50 per person.   If this is something that you would like to take advantage of, please click the link and sign up and pay.

This is not a requirement to attend.  Please feel free to rent a car of get other transportation if that would work better for you.

You can purchace bus fair through us during your registration as an add-on.

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