I don’t know how to begin to describe or put into words this experience. My heart has been filled! My love tank has been so desperately low. Thank you all for guiding me.
It was comforting to hear others’ testimonies and to realize that people, especially women, share so many of the same struggles, insecurities and longings. I appreciate the courage and strength of each speaker as they shared their stories.
My heart was re-awakened and re-charged; unhardened. I learned a lot about myself, my strengths & weaknesses. I learned that being controlling is not a virtue; who knew!?
I have been overjoyed to find a retreat that so deeply speaks to the woman’s heart.
I really liked the authenticity. How the stories, songs and presentations helped with a deeper understanding of a woman’s heart and who we are meant to be.
I feel renewed. It was nice to be in an environment where I felt no judgement. It was peaceful, very warming & loving.
This is my 2nd HOB . It reached some very deep holes in my heart. For the first time in years, I felt safe saying out loud – fears, concerns and struggles. The sisterhood, trust, and guidance cannot be expressed – i can just say I feel it!
I came with an open mind, but I was still slightly skeptical… I was absolutely blown away by the speakers, testimonies, stories, friendship and love.
This weekend has been phenomenal. The love you all have shown is unmeasurable. As I hear your stories and their impact on your lives, hope continues to arise within me.
This conference has impacted me tremendously. My life, thoughts, attitudes and behavior will forever be changed because of the revelations, stories and experiences of HOB.
I’ve never been to such a meaningful and impactful retreat.
It was amazing! Powerful! Renewing! Impactful!